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Think Simple,Live simple-contribution by Deepak Kumar Arora


Reebok is not selling a quality product.

On 23 -10-10 I went to Adventure Island in Rohini (New Delhi). It is Jointed with a mall named Metro Walk. There I went to a Reebok Outlet. There I purchased two pairs of shoes. One was white and the other was black. On 10-11-2010 I went to a trip to Dalhousie. I wared my Black one 1st time and then my bad experience started. During my trip my shoes' sole came out and it was very difficult to walk. I went to a cobbler nearby and made it fixed but when i returned back then this problem became worst. Moreover it now appears that the lower portion of the shoes is very loose. It appears that they are selling very old stocks. I was not expecting from such a good company.Today I when I wore my White shoes the size of the two is different Ha! Ha! Ha!. It is totally funny. I felt cheated. Before this bad experience I was very fond of REEBOK but now I feel that they are not customer caring. Advise- Running for brand is not always fruitful.

Trip to DAlhousie,amritsar-3

These are photographs of four students Manoj,Sahil,Sunny and Amit .They are studens in Khajjiar giverenment school.Parents of all these students are working in forest department.They were bunking there last period and they were hiding behind the bushes so that they can not be seen by their teacher Jaswant Singh.There smile,confidence level was fantastic.

During our journey i tried to click something.1) first photograph is of Baldev Ji ,who is cobbler sitting in main market of Dalhousie for last fifty years.Having 3 daughters and 2 sons.Daughters are happily married.One son is in family business.No regret from life 2) Second photograph is of old person sitting in main market with weighing machine.Charging one Rupee.Before doing this he used to lift loads on hills.but that is very tough he had left that job.Can make two to three thousand in month
3) These are photographs which i take at RTO checkpost , about 20 Km before the dalhousie a)In third and fourth photographs local p…

Trip to DAlhousie,amritsar-2

Some days back i came across a term "REVERSE MENTOR".This Term is used for very young generation guy teaching modern applications to senior persons.In Dalhousie we stayed in The hotel"The Mount View".It is a beautiful place .There is a billiard table.Me and my friend Verma ji decided to learn it.This photo is of Mr Sunil Sharma, our billiard teacher.He is from Dalhousie.He is student of BA(final) in college.Part time he works in hotel.He is very good boy .He is having C certificate of NCC.He wants to join army.After doing BA he want to go to Chandigarh for SSB coaching.He is Billiards expert.He taught us how to hold Cue,where to hit.Under his guidance we start practicing and eventually were able to play.In Dalhousie tourism give them opportunity to live a good life . Let was talk about Billiard.It is a wonderful example of motion of bodies in two dimensions .In this action of force producing linear and rotational motion can be studied.It is very interestin…

Trip to DAlhousie,amritsar-1

On 10th of this month I went with my students, sisters and teachers for trip.It was wonderful trip. We had started on 10th Nov at 5 PM .The journey was very long. I was thinking that it would be very tiring ,but with my students and with other teachers is was really very smooth.These two photographs are of the two important persons of our trip.One is Sompal Ji (driver)and second one is Ajeet(helper).it was fun to interact with these two peoples.Ajeet was calling sompalji as UStaadJi.These two were fantastic human being ,having terrific HQ,IQ and EQ.If i talk in terms of physics ,sitting in bus was like observer in Non Intertial frame of reference. SompalJi is very good driver.I was sitting with him during night.It was different feeling .Everybody around was sleeping .If you see outside there were beautiful roads, labour working on flyover etc. Once he applied brake due to which some students get disturbed.I think it will be nice to have seat belts with different seat,so that pe…

Lessons from life-1

Friendship never means interacting more in happier times and less in troubling times People who have more time for you when you are happy, but less time for you when you are in trouble can never be your friends. There is a big difference between true friends and time pass friends.It is my advice that never try to change yourself according to such friends , but try to be happy in what you are.

Analogy between escape energy and motion of aatma(soul)- part(II)

Explaining the HELL and HEAVEN according to escape velocity concept

Yesterday i was teaching concept of escape velocity in my class.One of my student "Manish from StThomas school provide me an idea to explain the meaning of Hell and Heaven according to this concept.If the aatma(soul) initial velocity is less than the escape velocity,it will not reach the infinity(parmaatma). If the initial velocity is equal to escape velocity,then it will just reach infinity and comes to rest.So we can say that it has reached god and come to peace.So we can say that it has reached HEAVEN. But there is interesting thing also ,if initial velocity of projection is greater than escape velocity ,then it will have some kinetic energy at infinity,in other words the aatma will not come to rest at infinity.It will be keep on wandering there(Bhatekti rahegi).In this we can say that is has reached "HELL".

Analogy between escape energy and motion of aatma(soul)- part I

Concept of escape velocity and its comparisonwith motion of aatma after deathEscape velocity from earth is the minimum velocity with which body should be projected so that it may escape from the gravitational pull of earth .From last so many years whenever this topic comes, I start comparing this topic with human journey after death. My this concept is based on the assumption that after death we go to god and god is somewhere is heaven in outer cosmos. (Who’s end is still a mystery). In earth when we live in family, society etc we are attarcted by people around us and from earth due a gravitational force. When our capacity of using oxygen for our growth cease, which we called as death, our body start degenerating. It is said that ineveryhuman being to there is something called as aatma or soul.(What about animals?) When we die our aatma or soul moves towards the god. If you assume that aatma is having certain mass,(according to Einstien mass energy equivalence E=mc2,there is a mas…