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Raj Thackeray is Anarchist,but why supreme court is not interfening?

Raj Thackeray is showing  himself above law?
 Why Looting is acceptable by Bombay police?
 Why not supreme court takes suo moto action ? This man should in jail.

Why it is neecssity for Indians to live in peace than Africans?

MALL ROAD as inspiration

Mall Road  is not for show of VIP culture.It is the road which in last one year has shown  how the rules and regulations if put in proper way  can reduce chaos on roads .
Let me elaborate this by  putting some points

(1) It has reduce accidents -  The barrier which are placed on Mall Road reduces the speed . If you see the rules there is speed limit for vechiles on road but no body follows that .But barriers are reducing speed.
 Few years back  young child of  my close  friend  who was standing on corner   near Royal hotel at lalkuti crossing was run over  by high speeding car ,Driver was drunk .What was his fault  ? You cant imagine what effect this incidence  create on family. Few month back student of SMA get hurt because of overspeeding.
So becuse of this barriers the   citizens can cross Mallroad safely otherwise it becomes very difficult  for  people to cross it walking

(2) Created awareness about safety rules- Beacuse of checking on Mall Road people have starting using  Helme…