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Rules for happiness

Take care of yourself
Let the cells of your body be gently bathed in happiness, positive thoughts and healing energies. Physical fitness is the most important thing in life. The capacity to attain perfection of mind and soul depends on your physical health. Take care of yourself as no one else can do it for you. Enjoy what you have
Too much television is 'Tele-visham' (Tele poison). Too much stimulation, a mind space crowded by fantasy people and events, distracts you from focusing on your own mind space, your home, and your backyard. 8. Some days we seem to live a fantasy life dominated by day dreams, while reality tugs at our heartstrings for attention, like a neglected child. Take care of what is yours and enjoy it.Avoid toxic people
Focusing on our unhappiness by attacking it only helps to magnetise more power and attention to the negative person, event or object that causes it. Hence, focus on cultivating happy people and avoid toxic people. . When the garden is clean and …

My not so good experience IN Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank branches are CBS . Today i had bad experience there in PNB sadar branch Meerut. I was given check of Rs 4000 by one of my friend .It was drawn self .When i give it to the staff there he said that they can not give money because it is of other branch and you have to go EK Road branch to en-cash it . Previously there was no problem like that . So to avoid more trouble i went straight to Saket branch and en-cash it.Due to my curiosity i ask from staff member that is there something like that one can not withdraw money from any other branch.He replied there is no such rule .He and me have common vision that the CBS branch means more flexibility to customer. Due to the behavior of Sadar branch officials my so much time get wasted.
I want to say such type of unrealistic changes are not required .Meerut is quiet big city.Banking from any CBS branch is right of every customer.