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Japanese Marvelous Life Saving Technology in earthquake

I am regular reader of magazine The week. This week there is a article by a person who was in Japan when it happened. We all are talking about the havoc created by earth quake in nuclear .reactors. But interesting fact is that due to earthquake no building however fell down. I am putting the article by Anita pratap which is based on tokyo. This article is on positive aspect of human endeavor,against harsh nature fury..

People have not fully grasped how terrifyingly powerful the March 11 earthquake was. Imagine a force that is 8,000 times stronger than the recent New Zealand quake, a force so great that it pushed Japan’s land mass eight feet closer to America, a force that even shook the planet, shifting the earth’s axis by four inches! Yet, in Tokyo, the city of skyscrapers, not one building fell.

Two years in Tokyo make one rather casual about earthquakes. Mild ones strike every week, some so weak that you don’t notice them; others last 10-20 seconds. When the March 11 earthquak…

A simple explanation for the Formation of black holee

Understanding the formation of black Hole

To understand how a black hole might be formed, we first need an understanding of the life cycle of a star. A star is formed when a large amount of gas, mostly hydrogen, starts to collapse in on itself due to its gravitational attraction and finally fuse together to form helium. The heat released in this reaction makes the star shine. It is this heat which in-creases the pressure of the gas until it is sufficient to balance the gravitational attraction and the star stops contracting further. Stars will remain stable like this for a long time, with heat from the nuclear reactions balancing the gravitational attraction. Eventually, however, the star will run out of its hydrogen and other nuclear fuels.

The Role of Exclusion principle

After all the fuel for nuclear reaction has been used up, gravity meets a fresh opponent, the exclusion principle. All particles of ordinary matter obey this principle. The exclusion principle says that no more than …

India is not Japan: Nuclear reactors in grave danger - General news

For last couple of days there is a debate which is going in our mind and in society about the safety of our nuclear reactors.I found this article to be quiet interesting. One more question comes to my mind .We are talking about human life but along with that radiation will cause great damage to marine life also.Water will be contaminated due to these radioactive materials .So these harmful will not only be carried by air but also by water.Since water is not stationary ,so these effect will be transmitted our long distances . Fishes will be infected which will cause effect on everything will food shortage etc. Please click this link so that one can have clarity about Indian nuclear reactors
India is not Japan: Nuclear reactors in grave danger - General news

Can Hadron Collider be world's first time machine? - Technology news

From our childhood we are crazy about time machines. it will always be wonderful in going IV and V dimensions

Can Hadron Collider be world's first time machine? - Technology news

Understanding working of nuclear reactor and japanes accident

Nuclear Reactor It is powerful device, wherein the nuclear energy produced is utlisied for constructive purposes. A nuclear reactor is based upon controlled nuclear chain reaction.
Construction : The main components of nuclear reactor are follows :

(1) Nuclear Fuel : It is a fissionable material to be used for the fission process to take place. Commonly used fuels in a nuclear reactor are U233, U235 , Pu239 etc. Generally, pure 92U235 is taken inside the sealed aluminium cylinders piled in fission chamber. When slow neutron interact with the fuel, the fission starts and the energy is released.
(2) Moderator : its function is to slow down the fast moving secondary neutrons produced during the fission. The material of moderator should be light and it should not absorb neutrons. Usually, heavy water, graphite, deuterium and paraffin etc. can act as moderators. These moder`tors are rich in protons.
When fast moving neutrons collide head on with the protons of moderator substances, their energi…

Confusions regarding falling objects

If a heavy and light ball are released from rest from the same height ,then the two will reach the ground at the same time and are having same value of acceleration.They will experience different amount of force but they will be having same value of acceleration due to gravity.

Google global sciece fair and competition for young science

IIf you are having interest in doing innovative in science at early stage in life ,try your own ideas and don't worry about results

Introducing the world's first online global science competition, the Google Science Fair! Google has partnered with CERN, LEGO, National Geographic and Scientific American to create a new kind of online science competition that is more global, open and inclusive than ever before. Students aged 13 - 18 from around the world are invited to enter and compete for awesome once-in-a-lifetime experiences, scholarships and real-life work opportunities. Sign up today at

We don't need big drawing room to enjoy my tea- Continuity of life

Today in Dainik Jagran there is topic covered by abid and reguvenshi ji .It is about the night life of tea stall in Meerut.The intellectual level of people from all walk of life are relevant at these places . Believe me these are wonderful places for these people.I stay in lalkurti ,meerut .There is a tea stall in Bara bazar.It get opened early in the morning and get closed late in night.Here there is a TV also .During match time these it is very crowded and favorite place for every body Here you get intellectual people from all walks of life.I always from my birth are amazed from the confidence level of these people .They are always enjoying and sharing each others happiness and sorrows.This make their life beautiful , interesting and full of achievements.This what i always call continuity of life