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Breaking of ice

On friday i had given task to my three students of class XII -Nistha kanwar,Upasana and shivi.As shivi was not fit so she was absent.Task given was that they have to teach any numericasl which they want to students.Nistha kanwar perform superbly .Me and my students were delighted to see her performance.First time i saw Upasana can also perform very good.But problem with Upasana is that she wants to learn rather than understand the Physics.To have good numerical strength one has to practice numerical s not to learn them.She was trying and she was able to put in a better way. Her confidence was also wonderful.We will continue this experiment so that each student will able to enjoy learning and exploring their talent. This week some students themselves get ready for presentation..Is a good change Teacher now a days cannot act as a saint on a stage,he should act as a friend on side and facilitate the learning.I believe that in few years b…

Shashi Tharoor as hero

As you are aware of news about IPL,what is happening is really a shocking and eyeopener.Every body is involved in this dirty game.Credit of opening of this scandal should go to Shashi Tharoor. This event shows why INDIA can never be developed country .All the rules and regulations are twisted by politician and so called strong people .Taxes are only for common people

Failure of GSLV

18 years ago we were denied cryogenic technology by russia under the influence of america.To day was dream day for me.Today we try to launch GSLV by developing our own cryogenic engines.Due to some technical snag it was not successful.That is called experimentation.Today i feel very proud that we developed engine.Failure is wrong word in science and its applications. Analyzing the data will rectify our mistakes in future. One thing is clear that in future we will be able to put the satellite in same way as we use rockets in Diwali. Hoping for the best

creating interest in subject

Yesterday when i was sitting with my elder son Sarthak, I just asked how was his school today.He replied today he was being taught art by Uppal madam in ST Marys.According to him she is wonderful teacher.She teaches so good that he think Art is very good subject. This the quality of good teacher who can make student interested in the subject right from beginning. Congrats to Uppal madam.

Teaching at new place

From last week i have start teaching at new place.I have shifted my institute from Lalkurti to PLsharma road.From last week i have observed lot of practical things which are required by students,for example the need of students to get classes as close as possible .It saves there time.I have seen the teachers around that place lkie AMA,D,PV,VS,KV,GS,VKS,SK etc are very hard working,dedicated and completely focussed.After seeing that the urge comes should i have also to change like that.Yes i am feeling that changes.While going there my planning has now become as like for school.Last year i was not able to concentrate on competitive exam,but now again i am on path of self discovering by exploring all books,question bank etc.This year my motto is to develop simple and effective practicals,Practical aspects of physics and positive use of internet .From few days i am going through wikipedia.Simulations which are given at the end of page are very interesting.
In school for class X ,i hav…