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It’s that time of the year! Parents and students (in that order) are reeling with the weight of the board exams that are set to commence a few weeks from now. In most cases, the preliminary exam results are out, which is reason enough to study even harder and score even better! Of course, for class 10 students, this is an exercise strictly to ensure admission to a college of their choice, whereas in the case of quite a few class 12 students, the class 12 exams are attempted just to score the minimum required marks to get into a professional course after the entrance exam results.

“Besides serving the purpose of acquiring admission to a good college, a good aggregate in class 10 is also an advantage when applying for admission to professional courses like MBA. The class 10 board marks come up for consideration during the first professional placement, either after BE/ BTech, or a five-year law degree or hotel management degree, or an MBA, CA, CWA and CS, to n…

Teaching for exams only

Exam time is the time in which our emphasis is on marks scoring.It is very exciting to teach at these days because the concentration and retention level of students becomes very high.If we can understand them it is easy to be working with them.
For students who have already covers their syllabus they should try to see the pattern of exam by going through last year papers .Try to improve their writing skills.CBSE students should go through solved examples in NCERT and SAMPLE papers available from CBSE.Questions are generally from NCERT and application basis.