Will your students look back and remember you as the person who shaped their lives? A great teacher is one a student cherishes forever. Teachers have a longlasting impact on the lives of their students, and the best students inspire their teachers, too. Years ago, as a young, eager student, I would have told you that a great teacher was someone who provided classroom entertainment and focused very little on discipline and assignments. Now, after working for 35 years in education including 26 years of heading institutions and related administrative experience and having been involved in hundreds of teacher evaluations, my perspective has changed. My current position as a professor of higher education gives me the opportunity to share what I have learnt with current and future college faculty administrators and through friendly banter with my postgraduate s…

How physics define cooling and natural way of cooling

        This article is By Rhett allen Refrigeration: the process of decreasing the temperature of some thing (my definition). Air conditioning (AC) can be a form of refrigeration. There are several ways to reduce the temperature of things – like a person or a beer. The history and physics of cooling things can be quite interesting. I’m not a historian, so I am only going to speculate on the timeline of events in the life of refrigeration. However, I feel comfortable explaining the physics in each method. Humans Discover Sweat Humans just can’t help it. Sometimes they get hot. But alas! Humans have a built in cooling systems. It’s called sweat. In order to understand how it works, maybe we should first look at temperature. You can measure the temperature in Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F), but what are you actually measuring? If I were to give a simple definition of temperature, I would say that it is a measure of the average motion energy of the particles that make up that object. T…

EditIndia: Indian Media Journalism Website: Ambani 'virtually' owns 27 TV channels in India: Are you worried about Indian media now?

Wonderful article about advances in neuroscience,

Raj Thackeray is Anarchist,but why supreme court is not interfening?

Raj Thackeray is showing  himself above law?
 Why Looting is acceptable by Bombay police?
 Why not supreme court takes suo moto action ? This man should in jail.

Why it is neecssity for Indians to live in peace than Africans?

MALL ROAD as inspiration

Mall Road  is not for show of VIP culture.It is the road which in last one year has shown  how the rules and regulations if put in proper way  can reduce chaos on roads .
Let me elaborate this by  putting some points

(1) It has reduce accidents -  The barrier which are placed on Mall Road reduces the speed . If you see the rules there is speed limit for vechiles on road but no body follows that .But barriers are reducing speed.
 Few years back  young child of  my close  friend  who was standing on corner   near Royal hotel at lalkuti crossing was run over  by high speeding car ,Driver was drunk .What was his fault  ? You cant imagine what effect this incidence  create on family. Few month back student of SMA get hurt because of overspeeding.
So becuse of this barriers the   citizens can cross Mallroad safely otherwise it becomes very difficult  for  people to cross it walking

(2) Created awareness about safety rules- Beacuse of checking on Mall Road people have starting using  Helme…