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Meerut techie duo develops wireless keyboard for blind - The Economic Times

Click this link first Meerut techie duo develops wireless keyboard for blind - The Economic TimesI want to congratulate Mohit Khanna and Anurag Mishra for developing Key board for visually challenged people. This achievement of these duo will act as catalyst for more students in this region. Meerut is developing as a educational Hub. The infrastructure offered by some institute like BIT,MIET,Vidya Knowledge park is exceptional. Somedays back i got a chance to visit some of these institutions.Infrastructure is fabulous no doubt. Main thing which i like most is that they are understanding the psyche of this generation.It is good because a institution will be better where the students enjoy there work. Teaching should be based on projects rather than on history of scientific topics.In Meerut there is a place called Sotiganj.Here one can get all automobile part ,engines(legal one) etcThe student engineers can use this market to develop new projects. As automobile sector re…

Obscene content in TIMES Of INDIA supplement Delhi times

From some month back Times of India is distributing Delhi Times as a suppelement.The pictures which are now being shown are cheap,obscene and are beyond the limits which should be allowed in News papers.For last so many years I am in the habit of discussing the scientific articles from TOI in my class.I also enjoy its general articles,editorial etc.But being a father and teacher i don't want to introduced this newspaper to my son and students till they are supplying Delhi supplement.It is very sad to say goodbye to something which was your morning companion for about 20 years.

Remembering Tripti Banga

Tripti Banga was my student in Sophia of last year batch. Day before yesterday i.e on 21-1-11 she died after a brief illness .For last two days her face comes very often in front of me. She was from place called Nagina. She was preparing for medical exams.From last two days i am having different feeling towards life which is just different than defining life only in terms of success and failure only.When i am writing this i am just hearing Ajjaan from masjid near my house.It is 5:45 in morning .May Allah,God,Bhagwan , give peace to her soul.Teaching is really a different profession .In this profession your family is very big.Loss of student is like a loss of member of family

Dilemma of being a school teacher/is tuition is more important than school

Today i get one more experience in class .when I asked from one of my good student why she was absent in classes,then i get very interesting answer .she replies that she was busy in giving tests in coaching.It was not a big surprise for me . Lot of student think the coaching and school classroom to be different,which according to me is the myth created by coaching centers only.School always make you a better human being.It takes you away from selfish approach towards life.

Is tuition more important than school/Why is cold for school going students not for tuition going students?

Inclement weather is making life difficult everywhere in the world this winter.Our city has been facing record breaking low as mercury plummets for the last few weeks.The life has come to a halt with shivering nights and foggy mornings....But there is a category of inconsiderate people in the city whose interests and benefits are more important than a human life.People whom we call educators,teachers ,tutors, and mentors .These teachers call their students for tuitions at wee hours without caring about their safety and comfort. In our school (The Sophia Girls' school)we start our classes from 11Am these days ,still some of the students get late to school .Moreover, some of students don't even prefer to come to school. When I tried to find out the reason behind this some of the facts which came into my knowledge are : 1)Teachers are taking tuitions early in the morning,when the whole city is covered with fog. 2) I came to know that one of my student met with an accident while goi…

Remembering Sir Y .D.Gupta ji

People come and go in our lives .But there are very few people who touch our lives with their presence even if it is for a little time. Mr. Y.D Guptaji is one of them.He was a professor of Physics in Meerut college, Meerut for 38 years.He got retired from there in 1988 and joined Sophia Girls' School as a visiting faculty for training classes XI & XII.In 2001 he got indisposed with some heart problem . The sister Principal then called me to join Sophia Girls' School as a faculty member of Physics Department in place of Sir Y.D Guptaji..

On the night of Dec. 31 ,2010 we lost him forever. Yesterday ,I went to his funeral to be with him during his last journey.There, I met many of his colleagues and my teachers from Meerut college.Among them were retired professor S.P Sharma who joined Meerut college the same day Sir Gupta had joined in 1950.In his words "Gupta sir was a straight forward ,disciplined,clean person ,and also a dedicated teacher. A teacher who had full comma…