Is tuition more important than school/Why is cold for school going students not for tuition going students?

Inclement weather is making life difficult everywhere in the world this winter.Our city has been facing record breaking low as mercury plummets for the last few weeks.The life has come to a halt with shivering nights and foggy mornings....But there is a category of inconsiderate people in the city whose interests and benefits are more important than a human life.People whom we call educators,teachers ,tutors, and mentors .These teachers call their students for tuitions at wee hours without caring about their safety and comfort.
In our school (The Sophia Girls' school)we start our classes from 11Am these days ,still some of the students get late to school .Moreover, some of students don't even prefer to come to school. When I tried to find out the reason behind this some of the facts which came into my knowledge are :
1)Teachers are taking tuitions early in the morning,when the whole city is covered with fog.
2) I came to know that one of my student met with an accident while going to tuition
Two year back two students from our school got injured in accidents .One of them was fine but the other one's condition was serious .She remained in coma for a long time.
3)A couple of weeks back on one Sunday morning I met a large number of students of class X of my school who were rushing for their tuitions.I saw there were 3 students on 1 vehicle and none of them were wearing helmets. The other interesting fact is ,among them most of the students were those who were very irregular in school.
3) Yesterday , I found out that some of the Math & Chemistry tutors were telling their students not to go to school.

My point is that primary goal of tuition is to help students in learning not spoon feeding. Misleading students not to go school but come to tuitions is ridiculous .The tutors are forgetting their duties .Their job is to help and guide students not to destroy school system.The irresponsibility is not only on the part of tutors ,but some students are also irresponsible who don't care about their parents hard earned money.

Please help me find the answer of these questions:

Are tuitions time cold resistant?Do the students don't feel cold when they go to tuitions?Don't these students & tutors know that accidents are bound to happen driving under this dense fog?Has learning & teaching lost it's meaning completely? Has materialism taken over us so badly that we have made teaching just like another business where our own benefit is the only thing that matters?


  1. I do surprise why chill affects only school going children not to those who set off early in the morning even sometimes at wee hours to attend their tution claases. It appears that closing schools on the name of chill has became a customry.It is indeed a matter of concern that authorities pay no heed towards these tution classes, which are being operated even before school timings,overlooking almost freezing temperature. parents you need to take a note. Ultimately it is associated with health and safety of your wards.

  2. Students are like an earthen pitcher and the society is like the potter. At a very young age when we went to schools, we were made habitual of winter vacations at school. So its in our minds that its not possible to go for schools during winters. But at the time we reach the age of joining a coaching, we are forced to come early in the morning even in chilly winds, and we soon become used to it. I myself leave for coaching as early as 6:15 in the morning and come to home as late as 9:30 in the night. But there's no way out and i have adapted myself to this situation. I think that this is the same case with every tution going student.

  3. its appears to be a serious matter becoz the lust for more n more money is overcoming everything!!even this gr8 Job of teaching is not left uneffected.


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