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voice of love

Voice of love
When work is done as a choice , you tend to enjoy what you do, and when it is finally completed , you experience a sense of fulfillment. When work is undertaken as compulsion, you struggle to do what you do, and when it is finally you experience a sense of relief.
Let us shift from the attitude of ‘ I must do it’ to ‘I WANT to do it’. If anyhow we have to do something ,then might as well let us enjoy doing it.
After all there is no way to happiness .Happiness is the way.

Failure of student is schools responsibility

It is from TOI 19 december 2008
If the recently introduced Right to Education Bill becomes law, schools will not be allowed to force a child to repeat a year or expel
students until class VIII for any reason.

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill, 2008, introduced this week in the Rajya Sabha, proposes that both government and private schools across the country not fail students for poor performance until they complete elementary education (class VIII), nor throw anyone out of school.

"The world over, children do not fail in lower classes. If a child does not perform well, the onus is on the school. That is the spirit of the clause that prohibits holding back children in any class," said R Govinda, co-author of the Bill and a research fellow at National University of Education Planning and Administration.

Authors of the Bill noted that several private schools expel non-performing children an action that would invite penalty if the new law comes into force…


Accountability or responsibility is the key to success.After terrorist attack
people are blaming politicians and bureaucrats for all this mess up. I think it not the failure of some people but it is the failure of our system.They are not accountable to any public.Making one or two good hard working people will not solve any problem .If a manager of any private firm is accountable to success and failure of company ,then why not all the politician ,bureaucrats are responsible for all mess which is being developed in our surrounding .

Some measures which can be possible are

1) Police in our country should be well trained .Selections of persons should be fair. it should not be on cast basis. Their pay scale should be very dignified like armed forces,so that they can devote themselves for their duty.All facilities like hospital,education etc should be take cared by government.Their duty should be of less hours .Proper rest is required for better results.THe most important thing is t…

Teaching physics

Physics is a fascinating and interesting subject. A teacher needs to create a suitable ambience for learning. Einstein once remarked “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
The following considerations are likely to help any Physics teacher:

Introduce the topic by asking simple questions which are directly related to everyday observations or may arouse interest for learning of the topic e.g before teaching the topic on diffraction, the question :- ‘Why does the colour of the butterfly wing depend on the angle at which it is viewed’, may arouse interest for the topic amongst the learners.

Asking thought-provoking questions in the class and, in turn, encouraging the students to ask questions can keep them mentally alert resulting in better understanding of concepts.

Relating concepts to relevant daily life situations and practical applications may enable them appreciate and understand the subject better.

A reasonable knowledge o…

Crucial time for class XII students

Yesterday some very good studens were confused whether they shold concenterate on XI Or Xii syllabus now.My advice aws if you are preparing for whole year and had finished syllabus for class Xii,then don't go back.Instead of doing very large number of questions, do quality questions only it will save your time

Last call for awakening

It is very sad week.Our country witnessed worst kind of terrorist attack.Lot of innocent people lost their lives.This incident has make us to think were we are heading
I awnt to salute NSG commando SANDIP UNNIKRISHNAN father who show door to Chief minister.It may act as the new revolution in the mindset of people to take interest in the social networking.No person is a island .General public has fundamental right to live .It is quite heartening to show the role played by media.If the views of common people instead of Pseudo intellectual set of people are shown then it will also help .

The heart is full of sorrow,pain ,anger,helplessness .