Accountability or responsibility is the key to success.After terrorist attack
people are blaming politicians and bureaucrats for all this mess up. I think it not the failure of some people but it is the failure of our system.They are not accountable to any public.Making one or two good hard working people will not solve any problem .If a manager of any private firm is accountable to success and failure of company ,then why not all the politician ,bureaucrats are responsible for all mess which is being developed in our surrounding .

Some measures which can be possible are

1) Police in our country should be well trained .Selections of persons should be fair. it should not be on cast basis. Their pay scale should be very dignified like armed forces,so that they can devote themselves for their duty.All facilities like hospital,education etc should be take cared by government.Their duty should be of less hours .Proper rest is required for better results.THe most important thing is thing that people start respecting them istead of being scared of them.

2) Politicians should be trained like CEO of companies before they were given responsibility.


  1. Sir,
    All things are correect but they do a mistake they should be hanged like it is done in private setor.

  2. sir,

    trying to change a few people wont give desired results. maybe by doing our bit honestly, we can bring about a far greater change. it is our outlook and the thinking which has to be changed.



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