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Is religion also becoming a relative concept? Do we humans require a unified religion?


Yesterday i was sitting with my friends and  were watching news .Suddenly in news  Manmohan Singh  appears.My friend remarks here come the person who  has destroyed India in last few years. Then he remarks which i think is the most important one He said SOMETIMES I DOUBT HE IS A REAL  SIKH ,How being a can  Sikh  he be so ignorant.This was a very  correct statement .Because Sikh is basically a fighter not a mute observer. According  to their interpretation  how a good  Sikh can be so useless. Interestingly all  were  businessman and i was a academician. So from my vision (vision which is mostly influenced by students ) i start thinking about this .Why he is  not observing  the thing  in  realistic  manner
from the frame of reference of public.Why
(1)He is not seeing the  suicide of farmers,
(2)He is not seeing the effect of price rise ( whose consequence in future will be very harmful)
(3)He is not observing the effect of cost of medicines on general public.
(4)He is not …