Is religion also becoming a relative concept? Do we humans require a unified religion?


Yesterday i was sitting with my friends and  were watching news .Suddenly in news  Manmohan Singh  appears.My friend remarks here come the person who  has destroyed India in last few years. Then he remarks which i think is the most important one He said SOMETIMES I DOUBT HE IS A REAL  SIKH ,How being a can  Sikh  he be so ignorant.This was a very  correct statement .Because Sikh is basically a fighter not a mute observer. According  to their interpretation  how a good  Sikh can be so useless. Interestingly all  were  businessman and i was a academician. So from my vision (vision which is mostly influenced by students ) i start thinking about this .Why he is  not observing  the thing  in  realistic  manner
from the frame of reference of public.Why
(1)He is not seeing the  suicide of farmers,
(2)He is not seeing the effect of price rise ( whose consequence in future will be very harmful)
(3)He is not observing the effect of cost of medicines on general public.
(4)He is not observing the definition of people below  poverty line  by his highly uneducated colleague Montek Singh in Planning Commission
(5) He is not seeing uneven taxes on petrol(which is only in our country where you have to pay taxes after paying income tax )
(6)  he was not the mood of  public when they Booze  for government in closing ceremony of  Commonwealth games .
(7)  He is not able to see the non realistic Income tax rebate  given to money  laundering show of IPL
(8) he is not able to  walk alone with his family without security
 List is long,but my purpose is to have a discussion  whether our country in which people used to do their duty because of their faith is losing its meaning
  I am not talking about his political compulsions but about his duties he should have performed  being follower of  religion. He must have visited  Golden Temple as a VIP ,but not get the feel which one have by taking Lunger .Few years back when i visited the golden temple with my students ,then most beautiful part was to wash utensils ,on voluntary basis. This shows the inner happiness power to work for others and to mingle with others.One of my friend who is colonel said that his Boss is Sikh ,he likes to  go Gurudwara daily.He is ground to earth man , he is not a single percent  corrupt,he is a wonderful leader ,he is very popular with every body in his unit.and because of his Honesty,he is most respected. I think it is the meaning of being a  Sikh .

Similarly if you are Jain and  are Doctor  then how you are following your religion by writing costly medicines and seeing your patients as customer only when your religion is totally based on compassion.
Few days back i have learnt the meaning of ARAHANT.This is very beautiful word having so high meaning.It  means enlightened one .  Sorrow less,Stainless and Secure are three attributes of an ARAHANT.

 Similarly let us talk about Hinduism. Suppose you are reading Ramayana  i.e let us assume that  You are follower of Shri Ram .In your home you are suppose  three brothers having their own family but are fighting with each other  for some property ,ego etc.Are you are following ideology of Shri  Ram?

Let us talk about  Christianity. Sisters(nuns) and Brothers are  running schools .But when we talk about about admissions one always get the news that they have paid so much bribe for admissions.How then  they can  can sit and pray in front of Jesus  when they are  not following the basic rule  sets by him.

Let us talk about Muslims ,.Drinking alcohol is prohibited .,but  more and more Muslims are getting attracted for this  This growing habit   is  ruining so many families .

Basically my idea is that  ,RELIGION is one of the best invention of Human being..It tries to set rules so that
people can basically  follow some minimum conditions because of  which  they should  not harm/hurt others.

 Basically reading some religious  books but doing  the things which one should not , is like having a statue of Smiling  Buddha on your table but still doing something  which is taking your own/others  natural smile.

 This is the starter for this topic.We will keep on discussing.THIS IS START OF DISCUSSION .Please feel free to write about your views and also criticizing about thing which you dont like but by giving proper logic .NEW PROBLEMS CAN NOT BE SOLVED BY OLD CONCEPTS ONLY  .


  1. He is not a God or King or with a power of dictator, he is doing at least whatever best opportunity has provided him to perform. He is far better than those more than 1,170,938,000 crowed including me who can't even help Anna Hazzare for the betterment of the society.

    All this has nothing to do with a religion as religion is a set of rules written with all good good things which might not be possible to follow in this real world and even if it is possible why should one live life by the book of rules as the game of life has no rules.

    One man is not responsible for the above mention problems, in my opinion society as a whole is responsible. you get what you seed as it's all about ethics.

    1. Thanks for taking part in this discussion .Our purpose is not to show our intellect for the cause.I am trying to know , why we people are not able to live our life by doing simple things.

  2. Loved the concept of the topic. Each religion in itself is great and talks about love, peace and compassion in its own words. All have same basic values. In today's world, people have molded the words to create meaning which suits them, in turn harassing people. If we really try to find out the logic behind the rituals and beliefs in different religions, most of them are very logical and teaches you small things in life which makes us "humans". We should not restrict ourselves to the ideologies of the religion we follow, but definitely learn from each one of these (whether we follow that religion or not).

    Its not about being a hindu, a sikh, a muslim... its about being a human who knows tolerance, peace and love!!!

  3. A religon is nothing it just like a human being, at the time of doing all our actions and activities we just keep only one thing in mind that whatever we are doing it should be impressive and should be appretiative and more and more people should be your followers, but we never listen to our inner soul that whether our actions will be useful to the society or whatever we are doing will not hurt anybody's soul. same thing is with religon we are just following a dummy we never think about the soul of any religon that is GOD. in short 'WE ARE NOT GOD FEARING' .


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