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DEvelopment of self centred society

Today i was very much shocked to see the death of death of inspector in Tamil Nadu..You can watch this on this link
The question which comes in my mind is that are we are leaving our human values and becoming more and more self centered.In our country public generally do not come forward because of Police cases.But ministers and DM are the one who controls every thing ,they have power to control the this type of situation But ministers not going to his funeral also show inhuman nature of our society.Life of dog is more better if cant develop the human values. After this incident there must be some action.Otherwise no body will sent their son to police force

continuity of life

Few days i went to show my son to Doctor.He is a brilliant doctor and good human being .He is very close to our family and of course he is like big brother.He cares lot. Ok lets come to story.There was a husband and wife .There child was very sick.Both were uneducated and were not having money.There child was in critical condition.Immediately their child was hospitalized .Doctor is good human being .He help them and their child was admitted.I was sitting there in his chamber and noting all that incident. What i learned from there is natural responsibility of parents.There fight was exceptional.Both husband and wife were totally uneducated.They must belong to the Banjara jati.They were not trained to tackle that situation but still they were able to tackle the situation by there natural humbleness . Basically what i learn from there facial expression can not be described in words. This is what. i call continuity of life