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Suffering makes us close to reality

M N Kundu, Hindustan Times
Suffering is an alert Suffering is universal. If we cherish any unrealistic expectation that we should not suffer at all, then we have certainly taken birth in a wrong universe where life is essentially fraught with unending suffering. But why should we suffer? Is it really essential in the scheme of life?It takes time to understand that every suffering is a message that we have something to learn. There is some skill we have not yet mastered. Some preconceived notion we have is incorrect and need to be unlearned. Some behaviour is not effective and should be changed. At the physical level, pain or suffering is symptomatic of some major problem. If instead of taking painkillers we go for proper diagnosis, the requisite remedy can follow. If we suppress or ignore the pain, the real problem may go out of hands.Thus every suffering is a feedback from which we must take the requisite lesson. When our near and dear ones pass away, we undergo tremendous suffering. B…

Death of student in Dewan Public school

Few days back one of the studentin Dewan public School meerutlost his life because of the careless attitude of school administration. After reading newspaper for last two daysthe mind get disturbed. So I justdecidedto pourout my outrage.First thing which come to my mind is thetalk between two students which IoverhearFirst student – My mom has decided to give me Crocin, Saredon etc along with my lunchpack because our school is having expired medicines.Second student- Let usform our own pool to have our own medicinesThisselfless talk shows the insecurity which has been created in peoplesmind about schools.This incidentshows the insensitivenesstowards important issues inourschools. Dewan school is having 5000 students without a single doctor/ ambulance. It is very pathetic state. This thing is nearly with most of the schools. I was associated with one of reputed school. It is same story there .There is no doctor .If your child get sick,the first thingthey will do is to call parents rathe…