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Energy stored in stretched string

During my course of teaching of elasticity ,i teach about the energy stored in the stretch string.One of the example is a sling in which when rubber string is stretched elasticpotential energy get stored and when it is released it converts into kinetic energy. WORK DONE AND ELASTIC ENERGY
Let us take the example of a wire. Suppose the original length of the wire is L, When not deformed, there are no internal forces. As the length of the wire increase from L to L + DL, internal forces increase from 0 to F. Suppose at any instant when the length is (L +x), the internal force is Fx. The work done to further increase the length through dx is Fxdx, hence total work done

W=Fxdx =EA/L x dxSo the total work done is W = ½ EA/L (DL)2W = ½ F (DL)Thus, the elastic energy per unit volume is given by-U = W/AL = ½ stress ´ strain(1)The above results is true for all types of stress and strain.(2)The work done per unit volume or the elastic energy per unit volume is given by half the product of stress an…

Symposium on dealing with stress and continuity of life

Yesterday ,I got a chance to be part ofsymposium conducted by Dainik jagran at chamber of commerce ,at Bombay Bazaar Meerut. It wasto answer the students queries regarding studying tips and relaxing techniques On the platform there were threedignitaries Dr Rajender singh,Dr Seem Sharma and Dr Samyak jain. Dr Rajender sing ji is a leading Homeopathic doctor in meerut,DrSeema Sharma and Samyak are leading psychologist of Meerut.In all of thre Dr Samyak jain is most younger one but is having wonderfulpractice. He is wonderfulhuman being . After passingout he got selected in Administrative forces .But he found that some practices are not tolerable for him. So he quit the job and jump into the field of his own choice that is of helping the society. His philosophy of life is very simple , enjoy your work. He gave very good answers for students query. Few days a back one of my student who is under himtold me that whenever he feels anxiety hecall him and in phone itself he will help him. Stre…

I can't become a commercial teacher

Last year i had shifted my AURORA CLASSES center from Lalkurti to PL Sharma road.There i was taking classes after my school.Pl Sharma road is the main place for taking tuitions. The teacher there called that place to big market. Indeed that is a big place in terms of students. But my problem was that i don't take the students as a market.So i try to teach at my ethics only. But i am not able to coup with the market culture .So I had decided to quit from there.Being a part of very good school ,i cant take students as only a number game .So i have come back to home and shifted my center at my own place. I am so much relaxed after that.

Deferred placements help IIM students to pursue entrepreneurship - The Economic Times

Deferred placements help IIM students to pursue entrepreneurship - The Economic Times

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Tips for CBSE 12 physics paper

If you are a candidate for the CBSE 2011, then the following strategy will help you to get more than 90% marksHave a collection of all 3 marks and 5 marks questions and their answers prepared in the most presentable manner. (show it to your teacher for any corrections or modifications) You can consult some text books for preparing the first draft. The 3 and 5 marks alone constitute 60 % of the total marks .Moreover mostly 1 marks and 2 marks questions are subpart of these long questions. For example you have studied Cyclotron but in exam you can not put in so details.So you should practice how to present them in exam. Why we cannot accelerate electron by cyclotron will be its subpart,Solve and practice all the exercises from NCERT text (including examples and exercises) .In some sample papers like exam idea NCERT solutions are also givenQuestions which are in CBSE sample papers should be on your tips. Practice at least 5 Previous Board Papers. (The more the best)Don't…

Turning a paler shade of green - Hindustan Times

One must read this article.How spoiled genius of civilized are dent upon ending peaceful harmony between human being and nature.Why the people should leave their home when they are happy with nature and their earnings.
Turning a paler shade of green - Hindustan Times