Tips for CBSE 12 physics paper

If you are a candidate for the CBSE 2011, then the following strategy will help you to get more than 90% marks

  • Have a collection of all 3 marks and 5 marks questions and their answers prepared in the most presentable manner. (show it to your teacher for any corrections or modifications) You can consult some text books for preparing the first draft. The 3 and 5 marks alone constitute 60 % of the total marks .Moreover mostly 1 marks and 2 marks questions are subpart of these long questions. For example you have studied Cyclotron but in exam you can not put in so details.So you should practice how to present them in exam. Why we cannot accelerate electron by cyclotron will be its subpart,
  • Solve and practice all the exercises from NCERT text (including examples and exercises) .In some sample papers like exam idea NCERT solutions are also given
  • Questions which are in CBSE sample papers should be on your tips.
  • Practice at least 5 Previous Board Papers. (The more the best)
  • Don't worry about very hard additional problems but don't leave any solved problem from NCERT book however hard it may appears to be
  • In NCERT text book there are some questions are given in in its theory ,with their answers also given there , concentrate on them also
  • If you are not getting solutions of any questions you can email us or can contact on phone


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