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Thought Provoking write Up

WHO IS TO BLAMEWe read it in the papers, and hear it on the airOf killing and stealing-and crime everywhere. We sigh and we say as we notice the trend,“This young generation …. Where will it end?”
But can we be sure that it’s their fault alone?Are we less guilty, who place in their way,Too many things that lead them astray?Too much money, to much idle time;Too many movies of passion and crime,Too many books not fit to be read,Too much evil in what they hear said,Too many children encouraged to roam Too many parents who won’t stay home.Kids don’t make the movies, they don’t write the books,They don’t paint the pictures of gangsters and crooksThey don’t make the liquor, they don’t run the bars,They don’t change the laws, and they don’t make the carsThey don’t make the drugs that muddle the brain,That’s all done by older folks… eager for gain,Delinquent teenagers; oh how we condemnThe sins of the nation, and blame it, on them!Instead of placing blame, let’s fix the cause,And remember as w…


A man was polishing his New Car, his four year son picked up a stone & scratched lines on the side of car. In anger, the man took the child's hand & hit it many times, not realizing he was using a wrench. At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures. When the child saw his father... With painful eyes he asked " Dad when will my fingers grow back ? Man was so hurt and speechless. He went back to car and kicked it many times. Devastate by his own actions .... Sitting in front of the car he looked at the scratches, child had written, " LOVE YOU DAD". Next day that man committed suicide... Anger and Love has no limits .... Always remember that - Things are to be used and People are to be loved but the problem in today's world is that, People are used and things are Loved...?

Do god require donation for his ownself?
It is a wonderful blog you must read this after that we can discuss this.Please read the comment by readers on this article


Now-IITians-make-a-beeline-for-DRDO.This is in todays TOI

It is very interesting news.It tells about the channge in mind set of young generation.Which is better for our country.For so many years the craze of earning but without any stability was increasing.The recession and indian student abuse in different countries had changed this mindset . Best mind for of our country getting absorbedbed in mainstream is something which was urgently required.It will be good for indian science

Remembring chavi aggarwal

Yesterday was very sad day.I get news that one of my student chavi is no more.She lost her life in accident.This news was given to me by Niyati her classmate.She was full of life.She was good in studies but very good in living life.Always cheerful,naugty .I am feeling very sad .I dont believe so much in god so i don't called this as destiny .

This accident happen on Roorkee road between meerut and pallavpuram.Each day there is an accident on this road.Problem is that there are large number of residential calonies have come on this road but traffic movement is very heavy being a highway.Problem has become dangerous because of large numbers of three wheelers moving at very hihg speedand not following any.Usually i have seen that they do not stop below the road but they remain on the road They stand on the road so the person who is coming behind is not able to see the front. The residentant of these calonies have to address different problems with adminstration so that such typ…