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Solutions of one of interesting questions of HC Verma

In H C Verma part 2 .There is one interesting problem for the focusing of electron beam in magnetic field .Question number 44 page 234.During my internet wandering ,i come across this animation which may be good way of analyzing this problem

I my self find this question to be quiet tricky ,but when you read this article by clicking on above link ,you can understand the problem
.Main points are
1) The beam will be focused after Time period 2) The distance of focusing is product of horizontal velocity and time period 3)For small angle value of angle horizontal component is v.

Misinterpretation of youth by film industry

For last some years our bollywood had got very good success idea .It is to show our youth addicted to drinking.and to show it as the social status.Just see these lines from film FALTU , "Videshi pi geyi ,ab desi abhi baki hai). So is in the movie "Delhi Belly",.,Tanu weds Mannu,Wake Up Sid etc . It is more dangerous than showing cigratte smoking. If smoking is ban in movies ,then why this should not apply to liquor. These movies are not correct presentation of youth. During my long association with youth ,I know they are very smart ,responsible and hard working . Cinema is very strong medium .But to create a box office hit they are exploiting the youth .They are using these young adventures as the film making concepts and in the name of youth they are showing vulgarity, and making foul language acceptable in our society.Already the word "shit "is being explore by everybody and everywhere ,sometimes also on dinner table . Some English …

Information for CBSE students interested in taking admissions in ISC schools

ISC door open for all CBSE students : The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will allow CBSE students who opt for the school-conducted Class X test, not just the board’s exams, to seek admission to the ISC course for this academic year.After the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) decided to make the Class X board exams optional and offered students the choice to appear either for the board exams or those conducted by individual schools, the CISCE said it would not take in the students who cleared the school-based exams.According to the new CBSE rules, which came into effect in the 2010-11 academic year, students who want to change board can appear for the board exams and those who wish to remain in the same school can take the school-conducted test. The CBSE, however, issued the same mark sheets for both sets of students.“The CBSE had offered the students the choice of remaining in their schools or opting for a different board by making the Class X boar…

Teaching Relative Motion

Day before yesterday , i start teaching relative motion.It is very topic to teach.For last years i used to teach by dividing this topic in two parts -Resultant and relative velocity.this year i try to do experiment to teach it as a simple concept by using one general equation .Because of this i was able to create interest of students in topic.In physics or more general in life nothing is absolute.Any event which happens in space time may be in physics or in life are relative.
The position, velocity and acceleration of a particle are relative terms and are defined with respect to an assumed reference point. The reference point may be a t rest (that is, stationary on the ground), moving with constant velocity or uniform acceleration. So far, we have studied the motion of a particle with respect to a stationary point. In this section we will modify the equations of kinematics with respect to a moving point.Suppose two objects A and B are in motion with respect to a fixed origin O as …