Misinterpretation of youth by film industry

For last some years our bollywood had got very good success idea .It is to show our youth addicted to drinking.and to show it as the social status.Just see these lines from film FALTU , "Videshi pi geyi ,ab desi abhi baki hai). So is in the movie "Delhi Belly",.,Tanu weds Mannu,Wake Up Sid etc . It is more dangerous than showing cigratte smoking. If smoking is ban in movies ,then why this should not apply to liquor. These movies are not correct presentation of youth. During my long association with youth ,I know they are very smart ,responsible and hard working . Cinema is very strong medium .But to create a box office hit they are exploiting the youth .They are using these young adventures as the film making concepts and in the name of youth they are showing vulgarity, and making foul language acceptable in our society.Already the word "shit "is being explore by everybody and everywhere ,sometimes also on dinner table . Some English word are always used but now they are making very room to very foul Hindi words. It is mainly because the abusing language used in cinema is crossing Its limit
Phele videshi word the , ab Hindi bhi baki hai.it is high time that youth should not copy them,.It is the wonderful time of growth in our county and one should be part of it.


  1. Very true sir...even though I havent seen most of these movies, I can well judge what they portray from the very promos of each of them..but on the contrary, they show the real world as well...most of the Indian youth is now changing their attitude towards things very fast..the super rich influence very quick and the lowly class youth gets influenced very soon. .it is only the middle class that you've spoken about...young people surely are more responsible. .nd matured now...but this negative aspect is fast growing. .I've seen children as young as 14 drink and smoke..you cannot help to think that wat they're showing in these movies is nothing but near future..:)

  2. I don't think it's fair to account Bollywood completely for this..Though I hvn't seen any of these movies except Delly-Belly last Saturday & it sure gave me good laugh the whole 90 minutes..I have read viewers accusing Amir Khan that they didn't expect this kind of film from him..But I'd say that Delly belly is another example of his versatlity.It's a low budget film where every act & scene are well connected & performed brilliantly by every actor..

    Now ,as a teacher or parent I'd never like to hear my students/children using these words/language .Moreover ,my liking of this movie doesn't mean that I encourage this kind of language. This is completely an adult movie..I have seen vulgarity & obscenity in many TV advertisements,sometimes in a National newspaper,& the most in You Tube videos..And, all these are available to our youth very easily; they don't learn this only from bollywood..Our duty is to keep a watch on their actions & guide them to the right directions..

    This is my point of view & I have no intentions to prove anything/anyone wrong or right here..


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