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Good question by student makes the teaching easier

Yesterday i learn that good teaching never means that you tell every thing in class Yesterday when i was teaching motional emf , one of the student said that the emf will create drift current ,.His logic was good because he was thinking about consequences of emf,which creates current.There i get stop and ask him what will be the consequence of this current .what happen then was that every body start thinking(which is the only learning),one of the student who generally do not respond gives a correct answer that it will experience a force,It was true because a current carrying wire in magnetic field experiences a force.His answer make the thing easier for my next topic that was energy conservations during the the motional emf.It shows students learn by themselves you should know where you have to pause

Good thoughts can do wonders-Enjoying class

Yesterday we have put a board in my coaching in which students can write their thoughts Some of them are If you think you can,you can If you think you cant ,you are right - By TOOBA, It is very interesting .First impression of this gives that the it is funny .But if you look seriously then it is quiet thought provoking.Me and my students starts discussing this. we look the positive side of this thought you think something is harmful to you and is of not of your expertise then it is better to say no.To say No to something which you do not want,is a wonderful way of living positively.It make you relieve of so many things .I askwhat is the meaning of word TOOBA .She replies it has two meanings 1) Prosperity ii)Tree in heaven whose fruit is sweetest , so i learn one word from her.
Second thought Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic- Shreya chauhanIt was interesting one ,It makes whole of the class absorbed. I give them the examples of Stem cellsConc…

Cheerful mood in class

yesterday , a very nice thing happens in class(school).I usually always take my class in my lab.My lab is a very wonderful place to work. Somehow as my other teacher is to take class there ,i have to go to my class in their class.I think for this year ,first time i was taking class in their class.So when i entered , before saying good morning ,they says' Welcome to class'.So all of us were delighted especially me,because it is my philosophy that before taking class make the mood lighter.So it already done .The best way of teaching physics is don't talk about physics when you just entered in class. Ok the best thing happened when they were saying welcome ,one of the girl remarked" Yeh Chand kha se Nazar aya", I always like these things which makes my teaching easier.I replied "Ye IdKa Chand hai ,aise hi dekhai detta hai'. Then all of us enjoys the concept ofMachines.Cool and respectful camaraderie with students always help to make learning…

I really like this

Na dekh Mud kar tujhe manzil Ko pana hai, Apni hasti Ko aftab banana hai, Na machalna raho Me CHAND ko dek kar, Tujhe to SURAJ bnkar ASMAN ko jagmagana hai..
It is for all my students who are going to join colleges after school.Specially for my students Manish and Ashwani(Darshan academy)

Golden words by my student Anubha Sharma

Anubha Sharma is very talented,creative and hardworking.She is joining DU.These are her thoughtsI aimed at a beautiful flower on the branch of a tall tree..but i lost my balance n consequently fell in a pond.. I was disappointed..:(.. my eyes were closed wid tears..but wen i regained calmness I saw many beautiful lotus floating around me..dis is life..god makes u fall at times to fill ur life wid gud takes away wat u desire.. to give u more dan wat u desired for...!!! This generation has very good talent.It is nice to be part of this generation

Important information

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So please pass this message to all. It certainly would save many lives.
It's a Must to Know & Share

Punishment is a funny matter

Today , again i have seen so many students standing out of the class as punishment.Nearly half of the class was outside.I hate this kind of punishment .Due to such type of punishments students move away from school and they search out alternate means of studying . Study is a continuous process ,when you are sending a student out of class then it means that students will get less interested in classroom.It effects science students more than others.Teachers should try to know about class management.Subject teaching is easy,but to make students get interested in subject is much more necessary. Teaching is always a students and society centric.We should understand the Psychology of students,instead sending a student out of class teachers should try to learn tricks to make them interested in subject.Don't expect same response from every students