Good thoughts can do wonders-Enjoying class

Yesterday we have put a board in my coaching in which students can write their thoughts
Some of them are
If you think you can,you can
If you think you cant ,you are right - By TOOBA,
It is very interesting .First impression of this gives that the it is funny .But if you look seriously
then it is quiet thought provoking.Me and my students starts discussing this. we look the positive side of this thought you think something is harmful to you and is of not of your expertise then it is better to say no.To say No to something which you do not want,is a wonderful way of living positively.It make you relieve of so many things
.I askwhat is the meaning of word TOOBA
.She replies it has two meanings
1) Prosperity ii)Tree in heaven whose fruit is sweetest ,
so i learn one word from her.

Second thought

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic- Shreya chauhan

It was interesting one ,It makes whole of the class absorbed. I give them the examples of Stem cells

Conclusion is Every day is unique and every class different .So one should enjoy each day and company of students. But during this we have studied which I have planned for the given day.


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