A students who is My hero because of his Bravery

 Tarun Nayyar  was a boy with  twinkling eyes,innovative  brain and having  exceptional  mathematical skills.He was like younger brother for me .A boy who was role model for all others because  he himself  was a student and was teaching others for supporting  his family.A wonderful teacher who was so popular among his students. A boy who in my wedding  was first to start dancing and was last to stop.I am attaching a short  write up . In future i will be dedicating a  blog based on his life. So if you were  in touch  with him please comment so that  we can work to put this forgotten hero of Meerut  to the place he deserved

Based on specific information from Kupwara regarding presence of two terrorists in a group of houses in village Dardsun, two columns of 8 JAT under Maj Bhupender Singh Mankotia and Lt Tarun Nayyar were launched. While establishing cordon, Lt Nayyar observed two terrorists escaping northwards towards village Rishigund at 1000 hours on 30 Jun 2000. Lt Tarun Nayyar with his party pursued fleeing terrorists and shot down one terrorist. The second terrorist took cover behind a boulder and brief fire fight ensued. The officer displayed exceptional courage, maintained contact with the terrorist and fired with his AK injuring the terrorist before himself getting injured at 1030 hours on 30 Jun 2000. As a result, Lt Tarun Nayyar sustained injury Gunshot wound Neck and succumbed to his injuries while fighting bravely with the terrorists. For this selfless action and display of courage the officer was awarded SM (posthumous).


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