Analogy between escape energy and motion of aatma(soul)- part I

Concept of escape velocity and its comparisonwith motion of aatma after death

Escape velocity from earth is the minimum velocity with which body should be projected so that it may escape from the gravitational pull of earth .From last so many years whenever this topic comes, I start comparing this topic with human journey after death. My this concept is based on the assumption that after death we go to god and god is somewhere is heaven in outer cosmos. (Who’s end is still a mystery). In earth when we live in family, society etc we are attarcted by people around us and from earth due a gravitational force. When our capacity of using oxygen for our growth cease, which we called as death, our body start degenerating. It is said that in every human being to there is something called as aatma or soul.(What about animals?) When we die our aatma or soul moves towards the god. If you assume that aatma is having certain mass,(according to Einstien mass energy equivalence E=mc2,there is a mass associated with energy) then to escape out from the ground it should have minimum velocity for 11.2 km/sec.( In physics minimum velocity which must be given to particle to take it away from gravitational pull of earth is called as escape velocity).Interesting the value of this escape velocity is independent of the mass of particle which is projected upwards. So if after death aatma goes to permaatma i.e from surface of earth to infinity(i.e god) the value of escape speed will be same for all human being irrespective of their mass .(Interesting fact that god do not differentiate between fat and thin). According to concept of physics the energy which god has to spend is more for heavier mass i.e god has to do more work for fat person. Assuming that god has created all human being in so intelligent manner that soul has same mass for all human being ,then work which has to be done to take the soul from ground to infinity is same for all human beings. Let us call the energy required for soul to go to infinity is Eo.So if soul manages to get enough energy(E) to free itself from worldly attractions,i.e (E>Eo),then it goes away to infinity or god but if less than then it keep on wandering on earth (bhatekti rahegi).


  1. Awesome analogy sir jee!!
    E = E0+E1, where E1=nergy to overcome worldly attractions..
    so if E1 is too high it will keep wandering on earth till E1 reduces - which is the basis of all horror shows,jab aatma badla leti hai tab mukti hoti hai..

  2. Possible reason of E not being greater than Eo the conversion efficiency is less.
    As from Carnot's equation: efficiency (eta)
    = 1 - sqrt(T(cold)/T(hot))
    = 1 - sqrt(T(atmosphere)/T(earth))
    Thus depending on T(atmosphere) the escape energy conversion can vary.

    Lambu - Batch 2003

  3. Kool thinking sir....
    Dts quite awesome said bout d balance of god on earth...
    M wonderng bout dose bhatakti aatmaas who wud b wishng...
    "kaash hume wo Eo energy mil jati to humara bh bhala ho jata.."

  4. thanew 4 sch an aspiring thought SIR....
    kaash hum aapke jitni enrgy gain kar le n hav dat much interest in physics .......

  5. what a thought sir je...........
    such a good connection between physics and spirituality.......
    amazing sir......

  6. Amazing relationship sir. I always thought that there would be some relationship between the soul and the physics somewhere. And here you go. Thats absolutely right. The humourous part according to this theory I thought is, if someone's soul gains a lot of energy by doing meditation and good deeds in a young age, his soul has to leave his body before his death time. lol ..haha



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