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Teens who pick music over books more likely to be depressed - Hindustan Times

Today i have read this interesting article.Day before yesterday there was a article in which scientist found that the excess messaging and vague talking sometimes is not easily removed from our brain and it occupied major portion.The person become more obsessive for these things. Most the of the people having mobiles or excess use of isolated music players like I pad,headphone are at risk. Real gossiping is more stress buster than remaining isolation.anything which give feeling of static nature cause depression.Life is dynamic moving forward in time in space time world of human life.This article is good

Teens who pick music over books more likely to be depressed - Hindustan Times

Doctors work on cancer getting Pulitzer price in literature

American and indian rickshaw

In our country rickshaw puller are taken to less privileged people but it our frame of reference.I was going through this article in span magazine.IN america it is not a problem because of their attitude toward work ethics. I am just posting a link which is quite interesting .

Meerut traffic police will use facebook

Today in news paper there is a news that the Meerut traffic police will use facebook to book about persons breaking traffic rule .It is a good news .Delhi traffic police is already using this technology.i think we indian will ;ead in this century ,because gradually using technology we are trying to remove corruption.positive use of technology can create wonders.

Story of Indias first test tube baby and tragic story of his inventorinventor

In this the week magazine there is a story about India first test baby who is now married and living very happily.Her name is Kanupriya.But her birth story is filled with tragic death story of inventor of first test tube baby concept in India.His name was Dr Subhas mukherji.If interested read part of this story which i have taken from The -week
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