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Experience of showing answer scripts

Part 1YesterdayI had shown answer scripts to Class XI and XII students in Sophia. Answering ofanswer sheet is always challenging and awakeningfor teacher, students and parents. Let us first Talk about class XI. When student goes fromclass X to XI there is a big quantum jump. In our schoolfor class X, I have seen most of students take tuition which are feeding themto get marks only without developingthere aptitude andunderstanding regarding subject. During this periodthey developed the habitof running from here and there without developing skill for selfstudy.When they reach class XI they are not able tounderstand the difference between the two levels.When I checked copies ,I found that some of students are not able towrite their thoughts properly. They were writing everything except physics. Mathematics is a tool of expressing natural laws in beautiful manner. They were not able to practice that. Most of student performed average. One girl name Anubhuti performedexceptionally well. Co…

Contnuity of life-Nancy

Nancy is my Bhanji. She is daughter of my tau ji daughter Neemma.When nancy was one year old then jija ji and Neema didi get dieddue to some accident.Thanks toIndian system of joint family this tragic accident was handled with brave heart.Nancy grow up likenormal child.Her Dada,chachas and Mamasare wonderful persons . They all are in Panipat.Yesterday I got news that she has top in her B.Tech study and been appointed as lecturer in engineeringcollege.It was wonderful news .I always admire the continuity of life ,it is like there is no time reversal in space time.If you accepts the thing as they are ,then there will be no mental hindrance in success .But if you starts thinking thatwhy the bad has happen to me ,then the battle of life get lost before fighting starts.I really admire her achievement and want to congratulate whole family for what I feel is nice achievement

Teaching physics and syllabus

From last week i am feeling the heat of finishing syllabus.Whenever the feeling of finishing syllabus comes in mind ,creative teaching goes in backseat.I am not happy with the maner in which the academics is being planned in my school.Teaching physics require regular classeses.Which i am not able to get in school,Few days back one of good student of class X approach me for tution.I said i dont do it for class X.She was worried about syllabus in school.Plannig of class X ,XI and XII should be different than school if we want our students to understand the thing instead of just finishing syllabus