Experience of showing answer scripts

Part 1

Yesterday I had shown answer scripts to Class XI and XII students in Sophia. Answering of answer sheet is always challenging and awakening

for teacher, students and parents. Let us first Talk about class XI. When student goes from class X to XI there is a big quantum jump. In our school for class X, I have seen most of students take tuition which are feeding them to get marks only without developing there aptitude and understanding regarding subject. During this period they developed the habit of running from here and there without developing skill for selfstudy.When they reach class XI they are not able to understand the difference between the two levels.When I checked copies ,I found that some of students are not able to write their thoughts properly. They were writing everything except physics. Mathematics is a tool of expressing natural laws in beautiful manner. They were not able to practice that. Most of student performed average. One girl name Anubhuti performed exceptionally well. Congrats.

For class XII ,I found that they performed marginally well. Some of students show remarkable change on the better side .Some of the students were out of track. In question of electricity they were writing magnetism and vice versa . I will talk to them and try to help them out.

One of the biggest cause for students not performing well is taking school as secondary. They take leave whenever is there wish. In my subject

If student take leave on the day of explaining of basic concepts ,then it become hard for him/her to cope with topic. In this case some of the excuse which I feel very funny are a)Dentist appointment b) Out of station c) There were no class in school. I don’t understand why parents do not do their duty in this regard


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