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Natural explanation of transmission of heat or good example of understanding one others requirement

Yesterday when i was going for morning walk ,I came across amazing natural living in harmony example. It was very chilled cold morning .Then i click these photographs using my Blackberry.These photographs are special because they are very good example of transmission of heat.Especially thermal conduction and thermal radiation.Dog has reduced his surface area to minimize heat loss while buffalo is getting heat from dog.These god creatures are having extreme wonderful sense of facing the real situation. Will any body tries to explain this further

Do you think person sitting in public places like bank should behave according to their false ego - part 2

Firstly i want to thank my students,friends and netizens who like this idea.If you had read comments on my previous article there are some interesting results which comes out. I am trying to summaries them
1. When going to work ...leave your ego at home .... 2. Ego at work can be a great hindrance to any individual's progress.
3 When we are working in departments like Bank,Post office etc. ,It is important for us to not to react on some behavior aspects of our customer.
4 One of the comment which is eye opener is that of Jasmine.experience in SBI bank. I am pasting it here
Jasmine comments were Today (Dec.18) I was at SBI bank for some work. The official there was talking to us very nicely. He was very willingly correcting my mistake and lackings in the form.Another lady and her son were there who were illiterate. For some mistake of hers he was like "A,B,C,D to aati nahi hai aur aa jate hai.Form pura nahi kiya aur mujhe perashan karne aa gaye" Another one. Sh…

Do you think person sitting in public places like bank should behave according to their false ego - part 1

For few days I have been experiencingsome newand interesting aspects of human behavior in UBI bank. From the last so many years I have been operating my account in UBI bank. Few daysback, I had to sendsome money electronicallyto ICICI PUNE. It was very important because it was Anti VirusRenewal fees.Since, I was doing it for the first time I decided to goto ICICI bank with my friend ,Ajay Verma . There we learned that it could also be sentby my own accountfrom my bank(UBI). So ,I went toso called my bankUnion Bank of India.
There started a sequence of interesting events. I first went toMr Rohit whowas very busy.He requested me to go to the person in charge. So ,I went toMr Shriwastava to whom I was reluctant to go .Before going to Mr Shriwastawa I had already told Rohit that there was someattitude problem with Mr. Shriwastava .The first question he asked me was why I came to UBI bank & why I didn't go to ICICI bank . Then I said to him ," come on yaar it is possible in ou…