Natural explanation of transmission of heat or good example of understanding one others requirement

Yesterday when i was going for morning walk ,I came across amazing natural living in harmony example. It was very chilled cold morning .Then i click these photographs using my Blackberry.These photographs are special because they are very good example of transmission of heat.Especially thermal conduction and thermal radiation.Dog has reduced his surface area to minimize heat loss while buffalo is getting heat from dog.These god creatures are having extreme wonderful sense of facing the real situation. Will any body tries to explain this further


  1. well first of all....hahaha...really funny..
    i feel its the best example of intelligence..
    dog is really intelligent..bcos of two reason..
    he knew that..will not be kicked by the buffalo
    and instead of catching cold of sleeping on floor y not use better radiator of body..warmth of buffalo body..
    Question arises y buffalo not kicking up the dog...simple explaination for this as well is bcos of cold..must be thinking....atleast getting warmth a little(less surface area covered by dog).
    so i think dog is more intelligent than buffalo.we can call it facultative symbiosis (partially)...:)


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