Do you think person sitting in public places like bank should behave according to their false ego - part 1

For few days I have been experiencing some new and interesting aspects of human behavior in UBI bank. From the last so many years I have been operating my account in UBI bank. Few days back, I had to send some money electronically to ICICI PUNE. It was very important because it was Anti Virus Renewal fees. Since, I was doing it for the first time I decided to goto ICICI bank with my friend ,Ajay Verma . There we learned that it could also be sent by my own account from my bank(UBI). So ,I went to so called my bank Union Bank of India.

There started a sequence of interesting events. I first went to Mr Rohit who was very busy .He requested me to go to the person in charge. So ,I went to Mr Shriwastava to whom I was reluctant to go .Before going to Mr Shriwastawa I had already told Rohit that there was some attitude problem with Mr. Shriwastava .The first question he asked me was why I came to UBI bank & why I didn't go to ICICI bank . Then I said to him ," come on yaar it is possible in our bank also." He reluctantly told me to fill the check and then he started advising me arrogantly that he didn’t like the word "yaar".I was stunned by his behavior.So ,I respectfully thanked him and said," no problem" .Before leaving I went to Mr. Rohit and told him that I was right .After that I went to Punjab and Sindh Bank and reopened my closed account .One of my known person there sent my money electronically . I had already lost more than two hours for my small but urgent work.This was a new experience for me .

Later on ,I went to UBI bank again & told the bank manager about this incidence..Instead of listening to me he said ," aap ki taqleef kya hai bus aap apni taqleef batai ye".This is their official language.Wow!!

Atlast, I decided to go to Axis Bank .There I met a young boy, Aman Gandhi.He told me about the latest FD rates & all the other available schemes for me and my family. There I was very relaxed & very natural in my conversation using "yaar" in my sentences frequently.I was very happy & satisfied . All the young chaps there were free of false ego and were true professionals .They knew happiness is also a form of professionalism.So ,I decided to close my account from UBI branch.

The main question is why am I writing all this ?. Any guesses ?


  1. Why you are writing this:
    (A) People with name Aman are friendly
    (B) You want to open a swiss bank
    (C) You like using the word yaar
    (D) All of the above

  2. Um....well young generation is less egoistic...more professional....nd also Axis Bank is cool.....:) BTW d last 1 was just lyk dat....

  3. The point is you are telling us to be ego free and work for customer satisfaction that way we can flourish because eventually people will come to us!

  4. The thing that sir you want us to learn is even if you reach the highest position, in whatsoever profession it is, never become egoistic, as it is the rootcause of the person's downfall. This is very very true!!!

  5. Because somewhere your inner is hurt.

    You are hurt with their attitude. I am hurt too by reading your word to word & line to line. It generally happens because people take it granted. I am hurt because I know you, I know you’re inner. I know your personality. You have never pass through these episodes as you carry a shadow of most respect person in the town.

    Please don’t stop here by writing it at blog. This is not enough for them. They should hear the bad sound for their behavior. Draw a latter, Visit the site of Union Bank, and Draw all the e mail from there. Send it across the board right from chairman to the area Manager. Send it immediately.

    Alternatively send your grievance letter to me and I shall deliver you the results in 24 hours. As long as they shall be posted here at Meerut Soil, they shall behave properly with each and every customer.

  6. Vinod this is a very normal behaviour of the people sitting in most of the banks(Nationalised)and they are even not ready to recognise people so the best thing you did was you have shifted your account instead of wasting time to teach such people because they don't understand we are giving bread and butter to these fellows.

  7. Dear Amresh Ji,

    I was surprised to read your initial post which gave the impression that you have given up before some Bank officials who are not performing their duties properly.

    Let us call a spade a spade. It is a well-known fact that there are some CAs who carry out certain activities with Bank officials, which are highly unbecoming of both of them. It is these handful CAs who have lowered the image of CA fraternity in Banks. Having said that, I see no reason as to why a CA like you, true to the profession, cannot get any work done at a Branch, which it is duty bound to do. An ordinary customer may find it difficult to do so but it is your sacred duty to ensure that the Branch does your work at least, which it is legally bound to do and the behaviour of the staff is proper and the erring officials do not get away lightly. Yes, at times, you may have to devote considerable time and energy and may even have to take up the matter with higher authorities. I am sure that if you are determined not to tolerate such things, the work will be done eventually. Again, the Branch officials with such kind of attitude are also handful.

    I am very glad to read your subsequent comments, as per which you have decided to take necessary steps to ensure that things do improve at a particular Branch.

    With regards and best wishes,
    CA. B L Bhojwani, Kota

  8. This is true now a days every one is living in false ego.

  9. Today I was at SBI bank for some work. The official there was talking to us very nicely. He was very willingly correcting my mistake and lackings in the form.Another lady and her son were there who were illiterate. For some mistake of hers he was like "A,B,C,D to aati nahi hai aur aa jate hai.Form pura nahi kiya aur mujhe perashan karne aa gaye" Another one. She had spelled nayi(come on yr I am also not sure kya hoti hai spelling!) as naie.And he is like "Ye spelling hoti hai nayi ki!Ye konsi lingo hai,konsi languague hai" What is dis attitude yr? Why do you have to embarrass them? Come on man you are sitting there to help them. Are ur manners to be detemined by how educated a person is or how well they speak in english!!!????


  10. The problem u face is not new & we should not blame nationlize banks for this. i have accounts in private as well as in nationlize bank. The young generation private banks r hiring r not much Knowledgeble. they simply say no to the work they does'nt know instead of helping u. Attitude problem depend upon person 2 person. Personally i prefer nationalize bank over private bank.

    Gurvinder Singh

  11. Vinod, People like Mr Srivastava never wish to change - they have this prolonged ego since they have job security and no inclination to achieve that’s why they pass on the frustration of wife/home/job to bank customer you will not find this prob with younger bank stuff.
    RBI is aware about such problems of nationalize bank . They have a scheme called The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 to address grievances of bank customer you will find details at
    Since you have already spent much precious time of yours in this matter I suggest you to file a formal complaint at Uttar Pradesh state bank ombudsman office so that person like Mr Srivastave think twice before misbehaving with bank clients.
    Shri B.K.Bhoi
    C/o Reserve Bank of India
    M.G. Road, Post Box No.82
    Kanpur-208 001
    Fax No.0512-2362553

  12. My name is Amit Kumar Singhal and I am working in Sophia Girls' School, Meerut Cantt.,U.P. We have our all the accounts in Union Bank Of India, Meerut Cantt. We are having almost 100 SB A/Cs in this branch. Yesterday I went to the bank and asked an officer for a personnel loan form. He was dealing with me very nicely but he refused to give the form stating that there is no personnel loan now till 31st March,2011. The personnel loan will start from 01st April,2011. In this condition a middle class person what will do.

  13. @Bhojwani Sir,The matter related to one of my friend vinod arora, Who is a professor here. Probably some misunderstaning. \Sir, With your ashirwad, i never leave any thing at other disposal. i file the case by my own and also make a final report by my own.

    Sir, Its nice to read your comments.


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