Contnuity of life-Nancy

Nancy is my Bhanji. She is daughter of my tau ji daughter Neemma.When nancy was one year old then jija ji and Neema didi get died due to some accident.Thanks to Indian system of joint family this tragic accident was handled with brave heart.Nancy grow up like normal child.Her Dada,chachas and Mamasare wonderful persons . They all are in Panipat.Yesterday I got news that she has top in her B.Tech study and been appointed as lecturer in engineering college.It was wonderful news .I always admire the continuity of life ,it is like there is no time reversal in space time.If you accepts the thing as they are ,then there will be no mental hindrance in success .But if you starts thinking that why the bad has happen to me ,then the battle of life get lost before fighting starts.

I really admire her achievement and want to congratulate whole family for what I feel is nice achievement


  1. Accolades to Nancy & every family member.This is indeed an achievement.I wish everybody is so lucky to have such a supporting family,then this world would be a far better place to live in.

  2. Hello Sir,
    It Is always good if we accept the reality of life and still try to improve it in the best possible manner we can. If just keep complaining about the situation we are in we will not be able to rise in our condition.

    So, I think that Nancy has done an awesome job to lift herself up.
    Hats off to her!!!!!!!!!

    Automotive Design Engineering
    University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

  3. Congratulations to Nancy.
    No reversals in space time; although sometimes, time appears to stand still. That is when it is required to keep that fighting spirit up. And definitely, support, the way she got, is very useful.


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