Cheerful mood in class

yesterday , a very nice thing happens in class(school).I usually always take my class in my lab.My lab is a very wonderful place to work. Somehow as my other teacher is to take class there ,i have to go to my class in their class.I think for this year ,first time i was taking class in their class.So when i entered , before saying good morning ,they says' Welcome to class'.So all of us were delighted especially me,because it is my philosophy that before taking class make the mood lighter.So it already done .The best way of teaching physics is don't talk about physics when you just entered in class. Ok the best thing happened when they were saying welcome ,one of the girl remarked" Yeh Chand kha se Nazar aya", I always like these things which makes my teaching easier.I replied "Ye IdKa Chand hai ,aise hi dekhai detta hai'. Then all of us enjoys the concept of
Machines.Cool and respectful camaraderie with students always help to make learning a fun


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