Symposium on dealing with stress and continuity of life

Yesterday ,I got a chance to be part of symposium conducted by Dainik jagran at chamber of commerce ,at Bombay Bazaar Meerut. It was to answer the students queries regarding studying tips and relaxing techniques On the platform there were three dignitaries

Dr Rajender singh,Dr Seem Sharma and Dr Samyak jain. Dr Rajender sing ji is a leading Homeopathic doctor in meerut,Dr Seema Sharma and Samyak are leading psychologist of Meerut.In all of thre Dr Samyak jain is most younger one but is having wonderful practice. He is wonderful human being . After passing out he got selected in Administrative forces .But he found that some practices are not tolerable for him. So he quit the job and jump into the field of his own choice that is of helping the society. His philosophy of life is very simple , enjoy your work. He gave very good answers for students query. Few days a back one of my student who is under him told me that whenever he feels anxiety he call him and in phone itself he will help him. Stress ,anxiety are common thing in this life .If you are not able to solve the problem yourself ,it is always better to take advice. There is no harm it .In future there will be so much requirement of all these techniques

Dr Raj nder singh ji quoted very good story .Anupam Kher father used to take them out for dinner twice in one month. One time he take them for lunch after one month .Everybody in family was surprised. After finishing the lunch ,Anupam kher asked his father about the reason for this .His father replied today you get failed in class Xth exam . I am making you happy so that you should not take the failure very seriously, because they are small part of big life. I like this because I am a teacher and I found that it is correct approach towards life. I have seen so much cases .One who take these thing lightly and start doing work again get what he want in his life.

Academics is not everything .It is how we will change or adapt ourselves to the new challenges in life will matter most. Successful is a very big relative term.


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