I can't become a commercial teacher

Last year i had shifted my AURORA CLASSES center from Lalkurti to PL Sharma road.There i
was taking classes after my school.Pl Sharma road is the main place for taking tuitions. The teacher there called that place to big market. Indeed that is a big place in terms of students.
But my problem was that i don't take the students as a market.So i try to teach at my ethics only.
But i am not able to coup with the market culture .So I had decided to quit from there.Being a part of very good school ,i cant take students as only a number game .So i have come back to home and shifted my center at my own place. I am so much relaxed after that.


  1. sir ,but the real reason was that the owner of that place( at pl sharma road, where u used to teach last year) are shifting their house to first floor of that house where "AURORA CLASSES" used to take place,thats why u have shifted AURORA CLASSES center from pl sharma road to Lalkurti.


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