Death of student in Dewan Public school

Few days back one of the student in Dewan public School meerut lost his life because of the careless attitude of school administration. After reading newspaper for last two days the mind get disturbed. So I just decided to pour out my outrage .

First thing which come to my mind is the talk between two students which I overhear

First student – My mom has decided to give me Crocin, Saredon etc along with my lunch pack because our school is having expired medicines.

Second student- Let us form our own pool to have our own medicines

This selfless talk shows the insecurity which has been created in peoples mind about schools.

This incident shows the insensitiveness towards important issues in our schools. Dewan school is having 5000 students without a single doctor/ ambulance. It is very pathetic state. This thing is nearly with most of the schools. I was associated with one of reputed school. It is same story there .There is no doctor .If your child get sick ,the first thing they will do is to call parents rather than to think about medical aid. It is with most of the schools.

The other thing which was pathetic the attitude of school administration towards the issue. They must have been more polite and should have been sensitive towards parents. Parents has to lodge FIR ,why not police have done it themselves. It is not a matter associated with one parent ,it is the matter linked with whole society.

The other thing which is more important is the number of students which should be allowed in given school. Good school is that which is not that having more students but one which care more for less students


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