voice of love

Voice of love
When work is done as a choice , you tend to enjoy what you do, and when it is finally completed , you experience a sense of fulfillment. When work is undertaken as compulsion, you struggle to do what you do, and when it is finally you experience a sense of relief.
Let us shift from the attitude of ‘ I must do it’ to ‘I WANT to do it’. If anyhow we have to do something ,then might as well let us enjoy doing it.
After all there is no way to happiness .Happiness is the way.


  1. I completely agree
    For example ther is a person who is doing his routine work of job with an interest,enjoyment and ethusiasm he is ensured to get promotion.
    Similarly for a student, if he takes his studies as a thing which gives the most pleasure then he is liable to get good results.
    Mostly the thing which we need to do daily and is surely important seems very boring, but if we take it as a fun giving thing then success will be at our doorsteps.


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