Last call for awakening

It is very sad week.Our country witnessed worst kind of terrorist attack.Lot of innocent people lost their lives.This incident has make us to think were we are heading
I awnt to salute NSG commando SANDIP UNNIKRISHNAN father who show door to Chief minister.It may act as the new revolution in the mindset of people to take interest in the social networking.No person is a island .General public has fundamental right to live .It is quite heartening to show the role played by media.If the views of common people instead of Pseudo intellectual set of people are shown then it will also help .

The heart is full of sorrow,pain ,anger,helplessness .


  1. letss all ofus realize our nationality and start working for the betterment of our almamatar
    its us who can start an awakenning
    so guys get out frm your cells,books,games.etc..
    and get down 2 serious attention towards INDIA....

  2. According to me these"mantris" and the "netas" should be put before the firing of the terrorists.
    And these terrorists should be wounded and thrown before the dogs.


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