Dilemma of being a school teacher/is tuition is more important than school

Today i get one more experience in class .when I asked from one of my good student why she was absent in classes,then i get very interesting answer .she replies that she was busy in giving tests in coaching.It was not a big surprise for me . Lot of student think the coaching and school classroom to be different,which according to me is the myth created by coaching centers only.School always make you a better human being.It takes you away from selfish approach towards life.


  1. my physics teacher is someone i admire and look upto..becoming like ...i dont want to mis my classes but i very well know i stand no where in realising my dreams when it comes to competetive world , coaching has become a necessary evil for me i hope my teachers would understand

  2. Yes sir i really agree with you on this coz first time when we are introduced to some concept.this is done by a teacher in school and the first impression of this concept remains for life time.but some teachers don introduce the concepts properly and thus student comes into a state of ambiguousNess

  3. But one thing is what i am very sure of. sir my tution teacher was too good and he only introduced all physics concepts to me.that was arora sir:-)


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