Remembering Sir Y .D.Gupta ji

People come and go in our lives .But there are very few people who touch our lives with their presence even if it is for a little time. Mr. Y.D Guptaji is one of them.He was a professor of Physics in Meerut college, Meerut for 38 years.He got retired from there in 1988 and joined Sophia Girls' School as a visiting faculty for training classes XI & XII.In 2001 he got indisposed with some heart problem . The sister Principal then called me to join Sophia Girls' School as a faculty member of Physics Department in place of Sir Y.D Guptaji..

On the night of Dec. 31 ,2010 we lost him forever. Yesterday ,I went to his funeral to be with him during his last journey.There, I met many of his colleagues and my teachers from Meerut college.Among them were retired professor S.P Sharma who joined Meerut college the same day Sir Gupta had joined in 1950.In his words "Gupta sir was a straight forward ,disciplined,clean person ,and also a dedicated teacher. A teacher who had full command on his subject.He was also a lover of sports and used to play Tennis and Basketball ". According to Moolchandji ,the lab assistant of Sophia,"it was very satisfying to work with Gupta sir ".He is a big fan of Gupta sir & so I am.

Taking practicals exam in ISC is really challenging for teacher as well as for students..When I joined Sophia ,once I got stuck somewhere in practicals. He helped me a lot and told me the tricks of taking practicals which only a master knows. He was very generous to me and for that I will be always thankful to him.He was associated with me for many years as an external practical examiner. He had great affection for Moolchand Ji.He never visited our school because of monetary gain.As a practical examiner whatever money he would get ,he always transfered that money to MoolchandJi saying that he deserved it.

Though, I didn't get a chance to spend much time with him.But as you say life is lived in moments not in years.The moments we shared together gave me the experiences and lessons of life.He gave a lot to Sophia girls' School and the school will always be thankful to him.Not only Sophia but the whole student community is thankful to him and I'm one of them.I'm sure he changed hundreds of life during his teaching career as he changed mine ,though indirectly.

He was a great physicist & a wonderful human being.In the language of a physics teacher, I know that he will go to infinity(place where the God's heaven is assumed to be) and his soul will rest in peace.


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