Meerut techie duo develops wireless keyboard for blind - The Economic Times

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Meerut techie duo develops wireless keyboard for blind - The Economic Times
I want to congratulate Mohit Khanna and Anurag Mishra for developing Key board for visually challenged people. This achievement of these duo will act as catalyst for more students in this region. Meerut is developing as a educational Hub. The infrastructure offered by some institute like BIT,MIET,Vidya Knowledge park is exceptional. Somedays back i got a chance to visit some of these institutions.Infrastructure is fabulous no doubt. Main thing which i like most is that they are understanding the psyche of this generation.It is good because a institution will be better where the students enjoy there work. Teaching should be based on projects rather than on history of scientific topics.
In Meerut there is a place called Sotiganj.Here one can get all automobile part ,engines(legal one) etcThe student engineers can use this market to develop new projects. As automobile sector requires new ideas ,these markets can also be tapped


  1. Thanks a lot Sir! In fact if you remember, I was your student of physics during summers of 2004 at your house! :-) with Amrit, Pulkit, Sanchit, Vaibhav. Thanks for laying the foundation of concepts then!!! Its infact a lot due to the applications and brain storming in those days that we are able to develop something like this today..
    I sincerely hope that this do act as a catalyst for the students to come up with more such projects..


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