Breaking of ice

On friday i had given task to my three students of class XII -Nistha kanwar,Upasana and shivi.
As shivi was not fit so she was absent.Task given was that they have to teach any numericasl which they want to students.Nistha kanwar perform superbly .Me and my students were delighted to see her performance.First time i saw Upasana can also perform very good.But problem with Upasana is that she wants to learn rather than understand the Physics.To have good numerical strength one has to practice numerical s not to learn them.She was trying and she was able to put in a better way. Her confidence was also wonderful.We will continue this experiment so that each student will able to enjoy learning and exploring their talent. This week some students themselves get ready for presentation..Is a good change
Teacher now a days cannot act as a saint on a stage,he should act as a friend on side and facilitate the learning.I believe that in few years because of technology
the learning will be replaced by experimenting.One has to prepare for it.


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