We don't need big drawing room to enjoy my tea- Continuity of life

Today in Dainik Jagran there is topic covered by abid and reguvenshi ji .It is about the night life
of tea stall in Meerut.The intellectual level of people from all walk of life are relevant at these places . Believe me these are wonderful places for these people.I stay in lalkurti ,meerut .There is a tea stall in Bara bazar.It get opened early in the morning and get closed late in night.Here there is a TV also .During match time these it is very crowded and favorite place for every body
Here you get intellectual people from all walks of life.I always from my birth are amazed from the confidence level of these people .They are always enjoying and sharing each others happiness and sorrows.This make their life beautiful , interesting and full of achievements.This what i always call continuity of life


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