Reebok is not selling a quality product.

On 23 -10-10 I went to Adventure Island in Rohini (New Delhi). It is Jointed with a mall named Metro Walk. There I went to a Reebok Outlet. There I purchased two pairs of shoes. One was white and the other was black. On 10-11-2010 I went to a trip to Dalhousie. I wared my Black one 1st time and then my bad experience started. During my trip my shoes' sole came out and it was very difficult to walk. I went to a cobbler nearby and made it fixed but when i returned back then this problem became worst. Moreover it now appears that the lower portion of the shoes is very loose. It appears that they are selling very old stocks. I was not expecting from such a good company.
Today I when I wore my White shoes the size of the two is different Ha! Ha! Ha!. It is totally funny. I felt cheated. Before this bad experience I was very fond of REEBOK but now I feel that they are not customer caring.
Advise- Running for brand is not always fruitful.


  1. Sir, From next time always visit the company's website for the fresh new designs. :)
    BTW try Woodland. :)

  2. ask reebok in meerut to exchange...


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