Analogy between escape energy and motion of aatma(soul)- part(II)

Explaining the HELL and HEAVEN according to escape velocity concept

Yesterday i was teaching concept of escape velocity in my class.One of my student "Manish from StThomas school provide me an idea to explain the meaning of Hell and Heaven according to this concept.
If the aatma(soul) initial velocity is less than the escape velocity,it will not reach the infinity(parmaatma).
If the initial velocity is equal to escape velocity,then it will just reach infinity and comes to rest.So we can say that it has reached god and come to peace.So we can say that it has reached HEAVEN.
But there is interesting thing also ,if initial velocity of projection is greater than escape velocity ,then it will have some kinetic energy at infinity,in other words the aatma will not come to rest at infinity.It will be keep on wandering there(Bhatekti rahegi).In this we can say that is has reached "HELL".


  1. nice thought.but how is escape velocity related to infinity?


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