Trip to DAlhousie,amritsar-1

On 10th of this month I went with my students, sisters and teachers for trip.It was wonderful trip. We had started on 10th Nov at 5 PM .The journey was very long. I was thinking that it would be very tiring ,but with my students and with other teachers is was really very smooth.These two photographs are of the two important persons of our trip.One is Sompal Ji (driver)and second one is Ajeet(helper).it was fun to interact with these two peoples.Ajeet was calling sompalji as UStaadJi.These two were fantastic human being ,having terrific HQ,IQ and EQ.
If i talk in terms of physics ,sitting in bus was like observer in Non Intertial frame of reference.
SompalJi is very good driver.I was sitting with him during night.It was different feeling .Everybody around was sleeping .If you see outside there were beautiful roads, labour working on flyover etc. Once he applied brake due to which some students get disturbed.I think it will be nice to have seat belts with different seat,so that people can sleep without jerks. On hills driving is verydaring.But driver was very good,I perform different experiment on centrepetal and centrifugal force.Inertia was always present.Sometimes my mind was thinking about Pseudo forces in Noninertial frame.
Both Sompalji and Ajeet were full of life.Our life was in there hand.I always think that our life can be happier,cheerful only when people around us are happy. Lets pray to god every body will be in happy in whatever work a person can do.


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