Trip to DAlhousie,amritsar-2

Some days back i came across a term "REVERSE MENTOR".This Term is used for very young generation guy teaching modern applications to senior persons.In Dalhousie we stayed in The hotel"The Mount View".It is a beautiful place .There is a billiard table.Me and my friend Verma ji decided to learn it.This photo is of Mr Sunil Sharma, our billiard teacher.He is from Dalhousie.He is student of BA(final) in college.Part time he works in hotel.He is very good boy
.He is having C certificate of NCC.He wants to join army.After doing BA he want to go to Chandigarh for SSB coaching.He is Billiards expert.He taught us how to hold Cue,where to hit.Under his guidance we start practicing and eventually were able to play.In Dalhousie
tourism give them opportunity to live a good life .
Let was talk about Billiard.It is a wonderful example of motion of bodies in two dimensions .In this action of force producing linear and rotational motion can be studied.It is very interesting where to apply force for rolling to start without slipping.Then there is inelastic collision between spherical balls .The force exerted is along the line joining the centers of the two balls,which produces direct and oblique collision.Billiard is a wonderful sport.It requires lot of practice.Enjoy video on billiards.


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