Trip to DAlhousie,amritsar-3

These are photographs of four students
Manoj,Sahil,Sunny and Amit .They are studens in Khajjiar giverenment school.Parents of all these students are working in forest department.They were bunking there last period and they were hiding behind the bushes so that they can not be seen by their teacher Jaswant Singh.There smile,confidence level was fantastic.

During our journey i tried to click something.
1) first photograph is of Baldev Ji ,who is cobbler sitting in main market of Dalhousie for last fifty years.Having 3 daughters and 2 sons.Daughters are happily married.One son is in family business.No regret from life
2) Second photograph is of old person sitting in main market with weighing machine.Charging one Rupee.Before doing this he used to lift loads on hills.but that is very tough he had left that job.Can make two to three thousand in month
3) These are photographs which i take at RTO checkpost , about 20 Km before the dalhousie
a)In third and fourth photographs local person name Babu ram ji and his wife are trying their buffalo to cross the road who was not ready to cross because of traffic. I like their smile.
b)Other two are that of a truck .Read the nice slogan,which was written there


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