Probability prediction-Mumbai Indians will lift IPL .Why then read it

Probability is another name of chance. Chance which we know best is used in loodo/saanp-siddi(snake and ladder) i.e on the  games involving dice
IPL-2012  Kokatta night riders
IPL-2011 -Chennai Super kings
IPL-2010- Chennai super Kings
IPL-2009- Decaan Chargers

  So for this year it will be Mumbai Indians. Reason is simple .In initially  stages  it was partially game and partial drama which was well scripted .Now it is full drama  well scripted ,well directed .  Last  year It was SRK who was  director,producer and financier.  This year it is the drama written,directed and performed for Mumbai Indians. Every others are being payed to loose matches,enjoy the party and so called have fun. Last director it is his picture / movie  was everywhere and now no where.Same now  is ambanis.  Reliance is everywhere in matches. As  it is clear that the owner of CSK is  mastermind of betting ,which means that he know how to make money from corporate s by losing in final.He as a owner can  direct his team to direct where one has to loose to get maximum out of deal.
  It is very difficult to ban  it.Who will ban it when both BJP and Congress are owner of this. I am sorry to say that BJP will loose elections because they have left a good chance of exposing  corruption by becoming themselves as part of it( Arun Jaiteley).
This  can only be eliminated by  separating  POLITICS/SPORTS/BOLLYWOOD. It is the bollywood which is responsible for reuning other two things.
  There is a sher in Urdu which goes like this

Barbad-e-gulistaan karne ko to ek hi ullu kaafi tha
Yaha..har shaakh pe ullu baitha hai anjam-e-gulistan kya hoga

(destroying the wonderful garden,even one owl is sufficient
Here there is an owl on each branch,wonder what would happen to the garden)


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