physics and humanity- superconductivity and focussed mind

Every substance at atomic level is made of electrons . These electrons are moving randomly and are colliding with one other due to repulsion.Due to this when battery is applied across the ends of conductor it offers resistance . But when the external condition like temperature is made very low
it can show the property of superconductivity.Under this condition the electrons experience attractive force due to which there motion becomes coherent . So by changing the conditions repulsive converts into attractive which makes them to behave superconductive

Similar when educated brain is unfocused then it is ordinary conductor but when it get focused it is superconductor. The information in our brain is the interaction of neurons.So if there motion become coherent then it is natural superconductivity . Interestingly it is present in every human being from birth .For uneducated it remains always present but for educated it may remain or not remain or it may get distorted depends upon external factors or external conditions


  1. So true Sir, every individual has a potential within, but there are only a few who realise that and perform some great works, never done before. .
    And Sir, for educated person you never know when it get distorted, this education system make them prone to such things. .


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