Lessons from life

Yesterday ,it was dhanteras. In this day people try to get more happiness by spending money It is said that it one should purchase something in this day if he want to bring Money in his home.Markets were flooded with peoples .It was wonderful jams in main market ,which were interesting .As usual i get lot of my students waving and saying Happy Diwali.Overall the mood was cheerful.There was Bhangra troop in the main market.
.There i saw a boy which i know . I know that boy because that boy this year has entered in the one of prestigious engineering college.About year back he had come to me requiring some help in physics .His father was very good doctor .He was very caring father and always making his son to do better .Before the exam doctor met with an accident and he is no more.
That boy in the market was holding his small cousin sister hand and mother was holding his hand. The expression on his face was of responsibility.His hand grip shows a role reversal.
The sense of responsibility was remarkable In this situation our family values play a major role in making us to move forward.
In my teaching career i have seen so many incident which are based onuncertainty principle of human life. This principle is always playing one or other role in human life .In physics in radioactivity we know that in sample atom will disintegrate but which particular atom will disintegrate when is matter of chance . Same is with human .


  1. Hats off to him, Sure sign of leadership by taking responsibility at the time of crises. 
    Shailendra Garg


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